Environmental, Petroleum and Energy projects
Lankmark Surveying & Engineering

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Landmark Surveying & Engineering
is located in Bakersfield, California.
We have been involved in a large number of projects that represent a broad diversification and expertise to the private and governmental sectors in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential areas. We have been associated with projects in California, Nevada and Arizona. Our past and current projects encompass a broad spectrum of activities, including Environmental, Petroleum and Energy.

The diversity of professional talent and an extensive network of support consultants enable Landmark Surveying & Engineering to offer a broad spectrum of services from a single responsible source. Our key individuals have attained educational degrees in their specific fields and the firm is involved as well in continuous updating of our disciplines, our A&E computer software, bookkeeping and word processing capabilities.

We pride ourselves on striving to clearly understand our customer's project requirements and in meeting their needs. As a market/customer-driven company, we mold our engineering and design packages to assure that the final product meets the following criteria:

• Appropriately engineered and designed
• Innovative and clean designs
• Completed at a competitive cost
• Delivered on schedule

Landmark Surveying & Engineering is committed to individual service relationships with our clients. Through written reports, design drawings, personal interaction, the concerns of cost, materials and scheduling are appropriately communicated and resolved. As a member of the team, our client's feedback is essential. Each client is assigned a qualified project manager assuring them a single source of responsibility and communication throughout the complete design and construction phase.

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